Quality candidates with ideal skill-sets to match job description and company culture.

    Our process enhances client company productivity by efficiency of time-management. Being a contingency search firm, if one of our candidates is not hired during the selection process we do not charge a fee.

    Timeline/Interview Process

    • Quality candidates recruited and interviewed specifically for your position
    • Thorough screening process
    • “Prove It” computer testing (assesses software skills)
    • Feedback/debrief communications
    • Reference checks
    • Background checks available when requested


    PeopleNet offers an a-la-carte menu for specialty services at an hourly rate

    • Resume Screening: Let us answer your ad response, screen resumes and present top talent for the interview process
    • Interview Process Coordination: Set up interviews and brief candidates
    • Feedback and Debriefing: Obtain feedback after the interview and provide communications throughout the process
    • Reference Checking